This is SMART Model 3 of 3 that we at TEAMS use for our work together. In case you're burning with curiosity because, goodness forbid, you missed the other two, they are my two prior posts. After using these models for nearly five years in my coaching and training processes they are formally being brought into the light.

Yes, I'm a tad nervous. All comments and words of support welcome encouraged even.

It's running late this week because I've been in the weeds catching up on our enrollment to the formal launch of TEAMS. If you've been interested but unsure, please reach out. We'll be getting folks in and onboard for the next few weeks and our final informational webinar is next Wednesday. The groups are intimate.

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The SMART areas of our exploration:

  • How well do you define your goals? Milestones? Are you clear & Specific?
  • What tools do you use to Measure success? How well do you use/share them? Is your data clear enough to be measured?
  • Do you know how to hold your team and yourself to what you said you’d do? Do you have systems for holding people Accountable?
  • Are you convinced the activities you have chosen affect your goals are Relevant activities for success?
  • What tools are you using to support you and your team keeping your eyes on the ball? What are you doing to keep your goals Top of Mind?

These questions and more addressed on your downloadable workbook attached. You’ve also access to exclusive videos and training tools available nowhere else. Each section and the SMART (that’s 5) Goal Setting model offers thought-provoking content, information, and potential homework… should you take it on! I am posting some excerpts here.


People play differently when they're keeping score. Have you ever watched a street game of some kind; basketball, hockey, football, when the players were not keeping score? Players tend to do whatever they want, the game stops for a few jokes, and the playing is not very focused. But when they start keeping score, things change. There's a new intensity. Huddles happen. Plays are improvised. Players adapt quickly to each new challenge. And the speed and tempo build dramatically…


Whatever tools you use, now you want to dig deep and be in the present tense. Looking at your goal from there to here and from here to there, begin to write down the big steps or milestones.

Do they have time-lines or triggers? Write them down.

It’s time for your lead measures.

It is your lead measures that determine your action now. And it is your action now that will move you forward towards your goal(s)…

What does Being Accountable look like?

Accountability is not something that can be given or assigned to a person. Instead it is something that you must take on yourself. It is the ability to claim your actions as your own and to be able to reason why. Therefor, it is something that most of your team must be taught. And you know the best way to teach… by doing. This is the kind of behavior being referred to when the statement “Lead By Example” is used. Ways of being, not working your fingers to the bone, is how one leads by example…


It is a common practice to, at this point, determine your goal building is close enough to complete and that you and your team are responsible enough to skip this step.

I strongly urge you to be uncommon.


“Your purpose is to make your audience see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt. Relevant detail, couched in concrete, colorful language, is the best way to recreate the incident as it happened and to picture it for the audience.”

~ Dale Carnegie

This week, we have an attached workbook to this Vlog. Go get it NOW!!!