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We Are in Times of Change

Oh boy is that a tired story.

How many times have you heard that? For me it’s in the hundreds.

  • Entrepreneurial pursuits equate to change.
  • Serving others is a constant evolutionary process.
  • ANY RELATIONSHIP YOU’VE EVER HAD has constantly been growing, or shrinking, or being different than it was.

Let’s face it, life is a time of change.

Or how about this one? You just need to be more productive! You have to learn peak personal productivity, aim for work-life balance, and go, go, go!
Seriously? We’re NOT spread thin enough? I’m supposed to learn to do better, be better with the same me I woke up with? Get up 3 hours earlier and fit it all in because part of productivity is that oh, so, awesome morning ritual?
Who needs sleep anyway?

I call bullsh**!

What’s really happening is that change is occurring faster than we can keep up. Period!
And that happens because at least 60% of the time, we’re focusing on the wrong things.
And, don’t get me wrong, I love my morning ritual but, the fixes we’re being told to implement are not fixes. They are more tools you might or might not need to support your growth and development. You want to stop battling change and start using it to your advantage.
At its core, the success of leaders and businesses today is the ability to handle business transitions due to change. Change in your field, in the workforce, in technology, in world health, in supply chains, in your perspective, your personal situation, … everything. It’s about understanding that transitions are more common than we’ve ever wanted to admit, are an integral part of life and business, and, let’s face it, more interesting than business without them.

Change does not suck. Change is so. Change is interesting. And, every aspect of working with change is learnable.



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