As carefree as me? Having This Much Fun? Remember This? And get you feeling
As carefree as me?
Having This Much Fun?
You wouldn't likely be here if you were.
Remember This?
Let's get that feeling at work back in your pants or panties, which ever you wear.
And get you feeling
this confident again.

If your company is in transition and not keeping up, you might be in the right place.
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Are you feeling management heavy and disconnected from your 'widget'?
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Are you feeling confident in your action skills but overwhelmed in your analysis?
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Even Steve Jobs was fired from his own company for his inability to transition.
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The SMART TEAMS Program is a coaching and training program designed to cultivate and increase the capacity of your principle team(s) to communicate, create, and cooperate with confidence, and ease.Consisting of Training, Education, Accountability, Masterminding, and Systems Development this program is a 6 month intensive.Designed for business owners and leaders struggling with their transition; Phase 2 or Impeachment. If you’re not familiar with terms but are reading this, its possible you know the position.

Team Evolution Revolutionaized.

What are Phase 2 and Impeachment Transitions?

What Our Client Say


Aaryn Herridge (Golden Enrollment Services)
I think I am not alone and Kat is with me. That gives me a lot of backbone. I can ask you questions. I have started to shape up and at least come up with some short term goals and be responsible to do something towards implementing rather than having all as dreams in the back of my mind. I have more AWARENESS about myself which helps me with better communication with my staff. I have less stress because of what I am learning from leadership skills and change of my thinking.
I am more energetic, optimistic and confident than before and appreciate that.

I am Not Alone

Sherry E.
My gratefulness habit took a hiatus recently and now I am beginning again. Who better to start with than my coach who challenges, pushes, reminds, reinforces, holds accountable, listens, etc, etc, etc…
So thank you for all you do and who you are! We are worlds better because of you.


Skip Matthews (CEO, Louise & Clark Home Medical Supplies)

Our Current Courses

TEAMS Leadership

The SMART Leadership Program (SMART Lead) is a coaching and training program designed to cultivate and increase the capacity, confidence, and influence of your key team members.

Course Completion Rate96%
DurationThree Months

TEAMS Money & Data

The SMART Money & Data Program (SMART Info) is a coaching and training program designed to teach your young executives how to distill and utilize data to make strategic decisions confidently.

Course Completion Rate87%
DurationThree Months

TEAMS Business

The SMART Business Program (SMART Biz) is a coaching and training program designed to bring cross departmental communications, ease to operational flow, and solutions to what you can't yet see.

Course Completion Rate85%
DurationThree Months

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What We Do

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Kat Nesbit ~ Executive Advisor and Business Transitional Trainer