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Business Strategy

So, where are you in your journey? What has you here? I know you don't want to hear that all your issues are your fault and I'm not going to say that but they are the issues you're looking at. Do you want to just keep going back through them or are you looking for a new perspective, a new idea for remodeling, a new approach to resolution?

If you don't want to change your situation right now watch some videos, read some articles, look at some yummy food, then come back and call me.

Or, share what you think you want to change and let's have a conversation. If I try and sell you something, feel free to say no.

Your Business Buckets

What's Your Solution

You thinking, "I serve good food. This chick is slow..."?

You might want to rethink that.

How do you serve food really well and differently from your competition?

How do ensure your customers have a pleasant interaction with your hospitality product?

What problem of your favorite customers' do you solve?

Market Distinction

1 - How's your Logo, your tag line, your color scheme?

2 - How about your values, intentions, prefect customer avitar?

Until you define 2 and then represent it well with 1, ensure that everything from your location(s) front door to your employee handbook reflect that, you're not done.

And because you evolve and we evolve, so does your distiction.


This is an extreme example but how well did you handle COVID?

What about a new restaurant down the street? A new new fad in your genre?

How have you managed all the food price fluctuations we've been going through? (Please tell me you know about them.)

What does your team do if a fire breaks out in the kitchen?

Repetition & Rote

How tight are your systems for the FOH, the BOH, Management?

How easy is it for your bookkeeper to get good data from you and your tools? And then, give you good data back?

How is the workflow in your server stations? Behind the bar? Have you asked your team? I'll bet they have a few ideas.


What's your average ticket turn time in the kitchen? The bar?

Who's your slowest cook/expo/chef de cuisine? Why? Can you help?

What's your most profitable marketing tool?

Who are your top 10 customers dollars spent? Top 10 most frequent? Do they have anything in common?

Your Leadership

Even if your an absentee owner, your leadership skills are running your house.

Are you honing your skills? Are you...

- Strategic

- Mindful

- Accountable

- Resilient

- Tenacious

Our Process

We ask you a lot of questions

  • Inquiry

    We ask a lot of questions. We learn what's not working and why.

  • Goals

    We set a couple, three at the most, with lead measures, tracking tools, and accountability.

  • Action

    You get going! And as you stumble, we figure it out, together.

  • Rinse & Repeat

    We make some new goals. Play with your headspace. Learn and solidify so you may repeat ON YOUR OWN.

  • Support

    We do it with 20 years of experience in hospitality, 20 years of experience in coaching, and your beautiful self!

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