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We help restauranteurs lacking time, team, or money fix that ****.
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Goal Setting
We have reliable, tested system for smart goal creation and execution. We teach it you and help you in action.
Active Listening
 We listen, gather information and, afterward, filter and clarify. We are neutral, non-judgemental and engaged. This is about you.
We have strong leaning towards early adoption; constantly seeking and testing new tools, products, and systems in business and in life. And then we share.
We are a boutique firm and nimble company. If you can't fit in our box (and we don't expect you to) we adapt to yours.
Kat Nesbit, coach, trainer

I bank more CE and coaching hours than most at 50 per year.

I attend at least one live and dozens of remote events every year in a wide range of subjects including accounting, real estate, marketing, corporate and tax laws, hospitality trade shows and summits, mental wellness and resilience retreats, and anything else I run across that I think will enhance my knowledge and yours.

I own a thriving catering firm in which I actively work and am an active member of the Womens' Food Alliance.