Here, we're going to try and think of any scenario where you might not be happy. To our great fortune, we've had very little of that so we're winging it. If we have not answered a question please send us an email or call and ask. We will do our best to answer quickly and efficiently.

If you have a question we haven't answered, you know what to do! reach out. We'll share.
What happens if I’m just not satisfied with my results?

For Coaching Clients & Course Participants: If you are not satisfied with your results, let us know through email or snail mail that you would like to quit the program. We will initiate a STOP on your monthly commitment and you’re out! If you’ve opted to take advantage of the pre-pay discount, your balance will be prorated (based on monthly price) and the balance refunded to you.

EX: If your monthly cost is $500 and you chose to pay in full for the year (taking advantage of the paid in full discount) at $1200 but then, changed your mind 1 month in, you would be refunded $800; your balance on the original price of the program.

NOTE: We know embracing change can feel hard and our experience shows that those who don’t achieve success with our program did not really apply the time and intention needed to make effective change. We also know that doesn’t mean you’re not well intended &/or that life doesn’t sometimes just get in the way.

So, in addition to our no obligation, no questions refund policy we also offer a returning drop-out incentive.

If, at any time in the future, you choose to give yourself the opportunity try this again we will apply no less than 50% of your previously applied contribution to your return tuition. These cases are reviewed individually and, depending on your circumstances, a greater percentage of your “banked” tuition is most probable.

What makes your coaching & programs special? There are so many out there with more public awareness and bigger endorsements.

We are a nimble company executing programs and services based on the newest sciences available. Science of the mind is the new frontier and our understanding is changing almost daily!

Here at TEAMS, as serial learners, we stay alert and abreast, constantly evolving our programs, platform, content, and design to give you the best possible opportunity for success. We are sure others believe they do that too and likely many of them are right. We might not be the team for you! It is up to you to decide.

Well if it's still evolving why don’t I wait until all the facts are in? Won’t I get more out of it?

No you won’t because the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time… right now!

Also, our core content does not change very much because human nature has not evolved very much. What changes is the context in which we offer it for your best absorption and reuse. As the science and our knowledge grows so does yours. You are always welcome to return in a few years… at a client discount or at an advanced level.

NOTE: No matter how good Kat Nesbit & TEAMS is at presenting you with the core curriculum for your business development and you, we all hear only what we are ready to hear. You are encouraged to follow your own path. Should you choose us know you will have our full support.

I got an email stating my account was closed and I would no longer be charged.

We’ve never had this happen but working in the hospitality industry, I learned long ago, the customer is not always right. This means that on rare occasions it might be my job, as the boss, to fire some clients. We reserve our right to refuse service and I am willing to execute it if our clients abuse my team in anyway.