Employee Engagement

No this does not mean you need to put on a pleated mini-skirt and pom-poms. It does mean you actually have to care about at least some of those around you. You also want learn about what motivates those people and how different motivations elicit different results.

Employee engagement is the degree to which employees are psychologically invested in your organization.

So what does that really mean? What does that look like when it “walks across the room”? Generally… It looks like individual initiative, low sick day rates, friendly employees, staff volunteering ideas for improvement, and management less stressed.

What’s it look like in your business? What’s it feel like? What about that is missing now?


Aligning Gamification with Business Goals. You could relate this to… 

  • Learning technology
  • Organizational structure
  • Company Culture
  • Leadership’s goals
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Current Initiatives

Or you could just let them play games!

eLearning & Social Learning

The idea of a blend of Just-In-Time Learning, eClasses, scheduling & benefits, company initiatives, task management and delegation, access to your P&Ps, and other documents, and social connectivity all within one platform is a new concept but will take over fast, trust me!

It supports ‘same’ while encouraging ‘new’, blends private and social learning, naturally encourages individual opinion and contribution. This pushes all kinds of happy buttons for us humans.

Self Assessments

If you’re not allowing your people to evaluate their own job, their own performance, and their own next steps for growth and contribution, you want to start NOW.

You want them looking at their jobs quarterly and pro-actively booking an appointment with you to discuss their finding and thoughts.

It is not only overdue in the corporate model, it is imperative in engaging our Millennials and Gen Z’ers. For very different reasons, neither of these generations will be ignored or overlooked.


When was the last time you had lunch with one of your people and just talked about them? Took a quiet moment and asked a team member how their family was?

Does your HR department have in depth data on your staff; their spouse’s and children’s’ names? ages? their hobbies? favorite charities? Do you?


How does growing your business help your people feel good about themselves?

What’s your value proposition? Does your entire team know it?

Do you have a cause or contribution intention?

Is your product solving big problems or little ones? Is your company attitude in alignment with that?

Suggestion Box

Do you ask your team for ideas? Do you listen to them?

Besides the fact that it honors them immensely, these people are the ones in the trenches. The ones who could actually, better than anyone else, solve workflow problems, waste issues, employee relations, and so much more, are the people doing the jobs!  

Referral Programs

Does your team have any incentive for bringing like-minded people into the fold?

What about for bringing in clients?

How much are you will to spend on a new client? A great employee? Do you know how much losing one costs?

We could go on and on and on. All of these tactics are great and there are so many more you could use. And, they are simply tactics. The core problem with most companies’ employee engagement programs is that this is where they start and end.

This will always be a recipe for engagement failure.

You want all the efforts above to work? You want to quit blaming the employee?

Start where this conversation actually begins. Your STRATEGY!

Your Strategy is your Culture.

When you take all of the above tactics and tools and build them within the framework of what your company stands for; wants to accomplish, is hoping to attain, change, do, give, take, and be remembered for, now you have engaged employees!

Below see a framework I use with my clients for developing a company culture strategy.

This guides us into the limited yet, well executed, list of tactics we then want to employ.

Then, it’s just a matter of execution… but that’s a whole other conversation.

To download the mindmap, click here. (https://www.biggerplate.com/mindmaps/VJMBcKqs/company-culture) For more choices and more stuff go to https://katnesbit.com/freestuff

Big Secret!

Your company’s employee engagement strategy is built on the legs of your outward facing marketing message (and visa versa) when well done.

Build one, your 7/10ths complete on the other! 




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