All pain leads to change. You can make it happen or wait for it.

Let’s design your strategy and get ahead of this story.

All pain leads to change. You can make it happen or wait for it. Let's define the strategy first.

There are two mind-bending transitions for a business

Phase 2 and Impeachment

The first is a growth stage, the second a decaying one.

They can be desperate and painful or, a beautiful evolution for an organization.

Phase 2 Transitions

Phase 2 is the transition of a company from leader-centric to business-centric, from “cowboy” style to structure and systems, from doing everything at hand and putting out the fires in front of you to getting back to your specialty and adding the skills of leading to your tool belt.

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And, giving your people the tools they need to excel on your behalf… because they deserve a fruitful life too.

This is the critical point where a company shifts from adolescence into prime, thriving competitor… or into premature aging, and soon, failure. It’s the teetering edge between sharing your beautiful intentions (and widget) with the world and stumbling with pain and confusion into looking back, wondering what went wrong.

If you’re prepared, congratulations! Most of us aren’t. Most of us have not yet had all of the training, or raw instinct, required to bridge this gap. But consider, even Steve Jobs was fired by his own company for his inability to make this transition. Yes, years later he was hired back. In those 12 years, he gained a lot of scars, pain, and education. If you’re that good or, lucky, do you want to wait that long?

You do not need to. All you have to do is courageously define your pain points and then learn through them. We can help.

What can we do?

Working intimately with you, we will identify, define, and strategize a plan to make this your company’s most fruitful and fun phase yet. Then help you execute it with coaching, group facilitation, and process creation.

Every company has its own special magic, it’s own distinct way of doing and sharing things. That’s because companies are led and run by people. Beautiful, deranged, delusional, brilliant people who are constantly changing and growing their how and rarely, their why. That is very helpful.

Here’s what we know. Humans will try a new tactic every day of the week if we think it might help improve our performance, our outcomes. What we rarely do is challenge our strategies.

We’re going to help you challenge that thinking. We’ll be talking a lot about communications, about systems, and about outcomes. A lot. And we’re going to ask you to be candid about these things and how clear they are in your organization. And then we’re going to train your people in these areas wherever you seek improved results. Together, we’ll develop or restructure frameworks for your communications, your workflows, your strategic philosophy, your goal setting, agreements, accountability, in other words, whatever isn’t working for you or your team(s) based on your transitional evolution.

This is not cookie cutter, one size fits all stuff. It is though, wonderfully consistent in the strategy of our approach. Because our approach is science-based.

We help leaders consistently let their people do the jobs they were hired for while they do the two jobs they are now in the position of needing to do: lead, and that other skill that got them noticed.

Our Framework

It depends on your distinct situation but most often it looks something like this…


We interview internally and externally, the C Suite and the delivery person, your favorite client and most common client (not always the same.) We learn your culture and we evaluate the systems in place making it happen. Then we co-create the change you want to see and do it.


We dig deeply into the only five ways all companies make money. We get the current stats, the wants and the needs and, we evaluate the systems in place making those things happen. Then we co-create the change you want to see and do it.


There is not one element of a good business well run that is not learnable, teachable and repeatable. We have a lot of experience in doing and sharing. We do that… with you.

And we help you build sustainable systems and structure by helping you change your thinking about your business and your role in it.

Using our (yes proprietary) SMART (insert appropriate solution) Model we give you a new lens through which to view your business and the people who help you make it successful. With this education, you’ll never go back, fall back, or lose sight of your objectives because they are now, a part of your ongoing organizational conversation.

To learn more or sign up for one of our TEAMS Courses, call the office or shoot us an email and we’ll learn more about you and your wonderfully unique situation.

Your solution could come in the form of an organizational SMART TEAMS strategy, a leadership team SMART TEAMS strategy, a “key man” SMART TEAMS strategy or, a 1:1 consultation relationship. It is up to you. Clearly, though, we encourage a SMART TEAMS Framework because they have proven their worth time and again.

So now…

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Even Steve Jobs was fired from his own company for his inability to change. Ready to learn & grow?
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