A coaching and training program designed to cultivate and increase your teams results through communication, self-leadership, and synergy.


Your results are waiting.


Communicate more explicitly, increase transparency through proven accountability structures and, build a sustainable culture where burn-out and unvoiced frustrations are a distant memory. Create trust where none exists. Grow it exponentially where it does.


Get your teams clear and powerfully in action on what you want accomplished. Get them self-directed and eager to lead their own initiatives, design their own tracking tools and producing the results that keep everybody flourishing.


Teams that trusts the players excel. Learn how to have conversations that create trust and deep honesty between individuals. Create a culture that allows people to experiment and watch the bar raise.


Gain a collection of frameworks for designing conversations where everyone wins. Learn how conflict becomes a choice. You can choose to escalate it to confrontation or, temper it bringing resolve in the forms of understanding, and action.


Create a cadence of accountability. Build tools for communication, kindness, outreach, whatever your team(s) determine are valuable to their growth and productivity. Turn your agreements into habits, habits into a culture for happiness and success.


Watch your people begin to self-select who they work with, why and how. And then, watch the autonomy grow into enthusiasm for what they’re doing. Add this to the list of your new teams’ ways of being and be prepared to shine.


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This program is designed for the team leaders looking to expand your “tool belt”. It is conducted in a group setting to give you the most and most fun opportunity to learn and grow the muscles you’re here to grow.  This program is focused on team leadership and team interactions so when you sign up you’ll jumping into a small project and bringing your skills to the team.


This program is for company teams staring into the eye of Phase 2 and Impeachment Transitions. If you’ve been struggling to get traction on new initiatives or if you’re getting ready to take on a new one and would like a guided tour, call us now and let’s get you set up.

We’re going to give the framework for a new way of being and all the tools necessary to maintain it.

Our Framework

At our current speed of business, learning to be human in the face productivity demands is skill and art. That learning needs mentoring and nurturing, and an environment interested in your success. In TEAMS you create that yourselves and you learn to take it to your teams, at work and at home. Like all things valuable, it’s return is tenfold. Regain your pleasure at going to work and give that gift your people too. Watch the value of diversity bring fresh ideas in the safe environment you create. Watch productivity increase because your teams are enthusiastic to be heard and contribute without fear of dismissal or reprisal. Watch the cost of your teams decrease due to improved attendance and greater outcomes when there. And watch your teams learn to self manage, self police and self develop.

The Program

This course is designed for the leaders of teams and team participants. The multi-platform design makes it useful for late twenty-somethings through… still willing to learn? It’s suitable for anyone looking to grow themselves in respect to their relationships. It is suitable for any company looking to grow their everything and still be in business in ten years. Company culture is at the core of all things business. There are no prerequisites. Some of the subjects we will cover:
  • Self Awareness and its Value to Team Leadership
  • Conversational Frameworks for Conflict, for Support, and for Negotiations
  • Embracing Agreements and learning to Create Them
  • SCARF, A Model for Collaborating with and Influencing Others
  • Habits for being Real Time Present and for Stress Reduction
  • Some Science about Neural Pathways & Energy
  • Creating Outcomes with a Framework that Ensure Home Runs and Happy People
  • Performance Reviews, Stop It!
  • Getting to know Your Team Values and Living by Them
  • Building Trust, How and How Not To
  • Creating Synergy, the Next Level
To Learn more or sign up, call the office or shoot us an email and we’ll get you started. Classes start every 28 weeks and there is usually a wait so if you’re interested you’ll want to let us know now.
Company TEAMS programs begin with 1:1 interviews with the key players after which we usually initiate a 1 to 3 day onsite. You may also come to our facility here on Saint Simons Island. Start dates will vary based on the queue.
Your Insights

What every human craves at a primal level, and how to provide it.

Your Learning

How the brain works under stress, in creativity, in change, and when learning and how to keep it “happy”.

Your Understaning

How to shift the brain from fear and resistance to enthusiasm and innovation.

Your Outcome

A framework to make your team more productive every time.

Your Clarity

What stress and adrenal fatigue does to our intelligence.

Your Take-Aways

Using your body to change your mood, your health, and your influence.

Optimizing every area of your business!

From operations, to adaptability, to culture, to future planning, we prepare you to cover it all.


To arrange a consultation or reserve your workshop seat, send us a message.

Group classes start roughly every 14 weeks and there is usually a wait so if you’re interested you’ll want to let us know now.