The SMART Money & Data

A coaching and training program designed to develop and cultivate the leaders access and understanding of your data, analysis, and decision making.


Your results are waiting.


OK, maybe not. But! Learn to have an in-depth conversation with them that you’re in charge of. One where you have made decisions and choices and you want them reflected in your data, tax results, and cash in your pocket.


With clear precise data you get to make decisions with confidence. You can reasonably trust that increasing Y by 50% will result in Z growing by 10%. You get the freedom of choice back.


Start an adaptable culture early. Get your teams to easily adopt change because your empowered by information. Adaptability is an attitude, a commitment, and structural agility rooted in your data.


Get the whole crew on board with initiatives by sharing the data that’s tracking their efforts! Keep them current, daily and weekly so they may see how well they’re doing. And if it’s not going well, change it. Don’t wait three or four months waisting all that time and energy.


Plan your exit strategy, your next product launch, your legacy. If cash (it’s actually cash flow) is king, then data is the king of kings. Learn how to see how well your company is doing by getting 3 to 5 reports a month… where ever you are.


Let’s work together and implement the best tracking tools for your company. Data is the fuel of success and you want your hands on it easily, quickly, and clearly. All else falls into place when you know what moves what and how far.


Leaders Trained


Satisfied Clients


Days to Success




This program is suitable for every attorney, beauty salon owner, landscape artist, and CPA; for those of you who never got the formal education in Business Administration and yet were expected to run your own businesses. It makes perfect sense that you feel overwhelmed or underprepared for your data management and solid decision making. You simply need some education and this has nothing to do with math as you remember it in school.


This program is suitable for all newly appointed or promoted leaders and managers who specialize in something else and still need to understand data and finance in order to run their department(s) well. Support your people by giving them the tools they need to make great decisions for you.

Our Framework

TEAMS Money and Data is a framework for making your business information accessible, simple, and relevant to your intentions. It makes decision-making easy. It makes action feel safe through knowledge.

The Program

There are two things EVERY business owner and leader wants. They want to see their “widget” out in the world serving their community, whatever the size. Second, they want to make enough money doing it that their work feels productive and enjoyable in addition to being a contribution to their world.

This Money & Data Program was specifically created to provide all small business owners and young managers with the tools, resources, and support they need to accomplish both of these goals.

How? First, we show you why you’re not an idiot for not understanding what your accountant or finance department hands you. Then we teach you what you’re looking at, what to ask for, and how to read the reports that have data you care about.

Then, we help you build some data tracking tools that fit you and your business; that will help you track what’s important to you at the level you need to see it – up close, drilled down!

For the Accidental Entrepreneur, we help you gain the confidence and courage to fire your accountant! We’re joking. But, not much. Sadly, it is often an outcome of our work together that you want to find new accountants to work with though we do not advocate this before knowing your particular situation. Often, they can be taught too.

For the Young Executive, it’s likely you’ll be having more valuable conversations with your finance manager(s) and that you’ll be really clear that data management is an all hands on deck conversation.

Every department has valuable data running through it and every area of your organization has data it needs to manage and SHARE.

Your Insights

Exactly what efforts yield results.

Your Learning

How much effort your results take.

Your Understaning

Finance & data are fantastic tools!

Your Outcome

The confidence to manage and lead your company now and beyond.

Your Clarity

Everything is measurable. What gets measured, grows.

Your Take-Aways

Money and confidence.

Optimizing every area of your business!

From operations, to adaptability, to culture, to future planning, we prepare you to cover it all.


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Group classes start when requests are made. Email us to have your name put on the list and we’ll let you know when we’ve filled a class.