The SMART Leadership Program

A coaching and training program designed to cultivate and increase the capacity, confidence, and influence of your key team members.


Your results are waiting.


Learn to communicate more explicitly, increase transparency through proven accountability structures and, build a sustainable culture where burn-out and unvoiced frustrations are a distant memory. Create trust where none exists. Grow it exponentially where it does.


Get clear and powerfully in action on what you want and the necessary behaviors on how to get there. Distinct from strategic work, planning looks at your personal ability to align your behaviors with the strategies set out. Get your thinking and behaviors on the same page.


Look objectively at your thinking and decision-making framework. Discover your blind spots. Your thinking got you here – all the success and the challenges. Trying to solve your problems from your current model of thinking won’t work. Together we demystify your process and look at how to shift perspectives for higher levels of success.


Gain a collection of frameworks for designing conversations where everyone wins. Learn that conflict becomes a choice. You can choose to escalate it to confrontation or, temper it into a critical conversation bringing resolve in the forms of deeper inquiry, understanding, and action.


Become better able to face struggles, recover, and adapt. Resiliency is a business issue. People who can’t handle a fast pace or uncertainty won’t perform at their best. Influence your ability to make decisions, affect your interpersonal interactions, and impact your ability to see the big picture.



Tenacity looks different now than it did when you started out. Tenacity now is more than sheer will. It is a commitment to a common, communicated path and whatever your role in its success looks like. You might be the CEO or the face of the company or the lead sales rep. It matters not. Learn to persevere and enjoy it!


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This program is designed for the leaders of all budding ($500k – $1m yr) and small ($1m – $10m yr) business owners and managers looking to expand your “tool belt”. It is conducted in a group setting to give you the most and most fun opportunity to learn and grow the muscles you’re here to grow.  This program is focused on leadership through the lens of business, so we’ll be supporting you in developing (or retooling your existing) business initiatives and tracking them throughout the program. The idea is results. These will be our litmus.



This program is for companies looking at Phase 2 and Impeachment Transitions, for the leadership and management teams to accommodate that growth.  It is focused on leadership through the lens of business so we’ll be bringing in (or designing) your existing business initiatives, developing them, and tracking them as your financial ROI for the program. This program is suitable for Entrepreneurial teams, C Suite teams, department heads, and groups looking to collaborate at their best.


Our Framework

Everything that makes a good leader is teachable and learnable. How cool is that? Why it hasn’t been part of a standard curriculum in high school or available in college (until very recently – Harvard leadership training began in 2014, starting at $15k) is a conversation for another day. For our purposes, HOORAY!!!! We’re going to take you through the five core Elements of SMART Leadership and help you build and hone these skills. We will be using a combination of online and off-line resources, Zoom video meetings, study teams, your course curriculum, and homework (your private work.) We’ll have learning pods, discussions, Hot Seats and, live Q&A. You’ll be meeting roughly every week for 6 months with a short break in the middle. Leadership 1.0 and 2.0 are twelve short weeks each and fly like the wind so if you just moaned either stop immediately and suck it up or please do not join.

The Program

Leadership 1.0: 3 months

This program is designed for the frustrated leader and the leader to be. The multi-platform design makes it useful for late twenty-somethings through… still willing to learn? It’s suitable for anyone looking to grow themselves. There are no prerequisites. You can’t lead others until you know yourself well enough to do it with confidence. That is the core purpose of this course. The secondary purpose is to get you familiar with the concepts and dynamics that we’ll build on from here.

  • Self Awareness and its Value
  • Getting to know Your Saboteurs
  • Embracing the Performance Stress Curve
  • SCARF, A Model for Collaborating with and Influencing Others
  • Habits for being Real Time Present
  • Some Science about Neural Pathways & Energy
  • Future Pacing, Balance the Wheel, & Time Management
  • Why Knowing Your Values is Important
  • Getting to know Your Values
  • Resilience: Where Are You Now, How can you Build It
  • Tenacity: Where Are You Now, How can you Build It

Leadership 2.0: 3 months

This program is designed for the young leader and the tired leader. It’s suitable for anyone looking to grow themselves. The prerequisite is successful completion of the above TEAMS Leadership program. The core purpose of this course is to take the skills of self-awareness and self-management recently honed in 1.0 and turning them to the world around you; to support your team(s) in their development and your success with delegation, critical conversation skills, honing your ability to influence and your self confidence. The secondary purpose is to share dozens of practical tools on everything from streamlined meeting structure to frameworks for consistent, kick ass outcome creation.

  • Creating accountability, communication, and inquiry in others.
  • Taking self-leadership into work and having it influence your company culture.
  • Human Needs Inventory
  • Mental Rehearsal Checklist
  • Levels of Listening & Listening Skills and Tools
  • The Structure of a Coaching Conversation
  • The 3R Rewiring Process
  • A collection of effective tools: meetings, giving and receiving feedback, handling conflict, responding to requests not met, creating a cadence of responsibility
  • Influence, what’s working, what’s not
  • Sustainability
  • Self-confidence
  • Energy management practices
  • The value of rituals
Your Insights

What every human craves at a primal level, and how to provide it.

Your Learning

How the brain works under stress, in creativity, in change, and when learning and how to keep it “happy”.

Your Understaning

How to shift the brain from fear and resistance to enthusiasm and innovation.

Your Outcome

A framework to make your team more productive every time.

Your Clarity

What stress and adrenal fatigue does to our intelligence.

Your Take-Aways

Using your body to change your mood, your health, and your influence.

Optimizing every area of your business!

From operations, to adaptability, to culture, to future planning, we prepare you to cover it all.


To arrange a consultation or reserve your workshop seat, send us a message.

Group classes start roughly every 14 weeks and there is usually a wait so if you’re interested you’ll want to let us know now.