Kat Nesbit

(Executive Advisor & Trainer)
As an Executive Advisor, I spend most of my time coaching middle-aged white guys; business owners and leaders who’ve seemingly lost their passion for the business that used to be their dream.
We FIX THAT. We fix it together.
Here’s the thing, there is NO MAGIC PILL.  It’s work.  It’s actually, even more, work than you’re doing now. And yet, my clients hang in, they stick it out. They do it because they get results. That’s it. They see effective, positive change. (Check out my testimonials for affirmation.) Oh, wait… It is highly likely this “really hard time” you put in with me is going to be a lot shorter and faster than what you’ve been enduring.
My experience is that this is why having a coach, a trainer, a spotter, mentor, guidance counselor and all the variations of support team members whose job it is to support your clarity is so freakin’ valuable… and all too rare in our popular, current teaching and training models. The trend is changing though and in some circles, it’s getting pretty cool to do what highly successful individuals have been doing for centuries – having coaches and teams to talk to about their hopes and fears and to gain clarity on them through that process.
I have been growing somebody’s business (starting with and including many of my own) since I can remember. Being at the very tail end of the boomer era I have a ridiculous work ethic. Being me, I grew up with the idea that my job was to improve myself – no matter. This has made me something of a pain in the rear for nearly every boss I’ve ever had. Jump one hurdle, looking for the next. I do not advocate you attempt to maintain this pace alone. I can tell you from experience it does not work. Something has to give and it’s usually you… until you learn to use your team.
I shoot from the hip. Some would say I can be very direct. I was once given the nickname sandpaper. If you are looking for life coaching or, personal affirmation, I am not the coach for you. That said, I’ve also been accused of being a little “woo-woo”. I show up with great compassion and care for my clients; a deep understanding of the science behind how the mind works, and I push you. If you are ready to build yourself as a leader and your business as a legend you are in the right place.
I also work with teams. I like working with teams. They’re fun and I’m better at working with them than I am one-on-one… though some of my clients would argue that.