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Hello World!

Unlike our company, our blog is designed for small and start-up businesses. It is our hope that the articles here inspire and support you in the development of your amazing widget and your beautiful dreams.

And then, when you’re big enough to make really, really good, colossal messes you can call us.

Please comment when it strikes you. We value virtually anonymous feedback greatly. It tells us, better than most anything else, how we’re landing for you.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Kat Nesbit & the TEAMS team

PLEASE NOTE: We were hacked recently and had to relocate our IP and rebuild fromt he ground up. In doing so nearly 4 years of blog posts have been dumped. Heidi is in the process of rebuilding, reattaching, and resorting all while the rest us are pondering what’s still relative – a conversation we might have to save for another day. Meanwhile, this area is sparse. Please forgive.

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