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The SMART TEAMS Program is a coaching and training program designed to cultivate and increase the capacity of your principle team(s) to communicate, create, and cooperate with confidence, and ease.

Consisting of Training, Education, Accountability, Masterminding, and Systems Development this program is a 6 month intensive.

Designed for business owners and leaders struggling with their transition; Phase 2 or Impeachment. If you’re not familiar with terms but are reading this, its possible you know the position.

Team Evolution Revolutionaized.

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Our Current Courses

TEAMS Leadership

Discover and develope the tools you’ve been seeking to help you and your company put your big kid underpants on. Negotiate critical conversation, learn your ‘go to’ leadership styles and how to utilized the others.

Course Completion Rate96%
DurationThree Months

TEAMS Money & Data

Learn how to gather data that counts and apply it to your teams’ culture and company mission. Take advantage of peer reviews and the exchange of knowledge between industries.

Course Completion Rate87%
DurationThree Months

TEAMS Business

Let’s analyze your business through our proprietary SMART Model… a cross departmental view to your solution. From operational flow to HR to data management, leadership, lets find your weaknesses and let you decide how to adjust.

Course Completion Rate85%
DurationThree Months

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What we do

Hello World! Unlike our company, our blog is designed for small and start-up businesses. It is our hope that the articles here inspire and…

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What We Do

Your org. is always growing but...
Is it Time to Evolve?
Young team, just past Start-Up?
How much does it hurt?
Old dog, tired of new tricks?
Want to walk away?
Not as easy as it sounds, is it?
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Make it Pop!

Make it Pop!

This is not some crap you throw on a page or a poster or website. This is how you feel about what you sell.

What we do

What we do

Our blog is designed for small and start-up businesses. It is our hope that the articles here inspire and support you in the development of your amazing widget and your beautiful dreams.